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Angela Joy Rosario

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Freelance Artist based in Las Vegas. Digital Art created with Clip Studio Paint & MediBang with an Veikk & iPad.

Welcome! Here you can find all the platforms I am on as well as commisson information. Thank you so much for visiting!

Inquiries? Please contact at: [email protected]

•Terms of Service•

Rules are subject to change!
Updated as of January 11, 2019

By purchasing a commission, you agree by default to the Terms of Service.
Please read thoroughly!


PayPal / Invoice ONLYCurrency in USD!Payment is upfront, work will begin when the payment is received. With the exception of partial payment if necessary, but it must be paid in full before work can begin.No Refunds non-negotiable


I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.Response time may vary. But no longer than 24 hours.Please be patient as commissions take time for me.Deadlines must be specified at the start of a commission!Please do not commission me if you are not financially able to do so. Take care of yourself!

Detailed Monsters/CreaturesNSFW/R-18
Explicate Horror ThemesPropaganda
Original CharactersExplicate Guro/Gore
Fan ArtIllicit Themes
Simple BackgroundsDetailed Backgrounds
Simple ArmourDetailed Armour
Simple MechaDetailed Mecha
Pin-up models 
Furry & Anthro 
Tame Fetish Themes 
Mild Guro/Gore 
Satirical/Parody Themes 

•Usage & Ownership•

All commissioned artwork is strictly for personal non-commercial use.Please provide credit if you repost and use my artwork on any platform.Cropping, resizing, and printing is allowed only for your personal use!You may not alter, edit, erase the artist's watermark on a commission.You may not edit, trace, copy, or alter the artwork as your own.You may not claim the artwork as your own.You may not resell the artwork.

By purchasing a commission, you agree by default to the Terms of Service.

[email protected]


Prices may change depending on complexity.

Digital CommissionSketchInkColour (Flats)Colour (Rendered)
Full Body$30$40$45$80
Ko-fi CommissionSimple DoodleDoodle+Flats
Your Basic Request$3 (1 Ko-fi)$15 (5 Ko-fi)

Under Construction
Please do not resell or repost!